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Adolescents find it overwhelming to visit a gynaecologist for various reasons. But Dr. Yuvakshi is the top gynaecologist in Delhi who is known for making young minds feel absolutely comfortable. She and her team of nurses understand that the younger generation needs to feel comfortable before being guided into a healthy lifestyle.

Some of the most common problems that we see in young girls stepping into the clinic, include:

  • Heavy menstrual cycles
  • Irregular menstrual cycles
  • Painful menstruation
  • Contraceptive use counselling
  • Sexually transmitted diseases (STD)
  • Weight management
  • Excessive hair growth
  • Skin acne
  • Tender breasts during menstruation

Why should teenagers visit the gynecologist?

Menstrual cycles are natural and hence most teenagers don’t feel the need to visit a gynaecologist. But experts suggest that girls should make their first visit to the doctor, when they are between the age of 13 to 15 years.


Here are a few reasons why you need to visit the top gynaecologist in Delhi before reaching the age of 21 years:

Healthy lifestyle

  • Guidance in maintaining a healthy weight
  • Promote body positivity
  • Get tips to keep bones healthy
  • Check and treat urinary tract infections
  • Treat vaginal discharge, itch or odor
  • Treat persistent abdominal pain
  • Education on puberty


Menstrual cycles/ Periods

  • Asses for period normalcy
  • Relief from painful periods
  • Understand the flow (heavy or too light)
  • Understand and identify your menstrual cycle
  • Learning to deal with premenstrual syndrome (PMS)


Relationships and sexuality

  • Safe and healthy relationships with partners
  • Understanding harmful relationships
  • Things to know before having sex for the first time
  • Learning about safe sex



  • Learning about birth control
  • Medical advice on unwanted pregnancy
  • Testing for pregnancy


Sexually transmitted infections

  • Understanding sexually transmitted infections
  • Understanding human immunodeficiency virus
  • Learning more about cervical cancer and vaccination
  • Testing for STIs and HIV if sexually active


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